BLACK ICE & BANANA PEELS: What Readers and Authors Are Saying


"It thoroughly explores the kaleidoscope of
tricks that the mind
plays on us."

Michael Lamas
Eastern Spirit Magazine


". . . a unique book about how our minds will do anything to have control. AND I MEAN ANYTHING! Not only does Bender present his case well, he also never fails to give us tools and techniques for lessening the terrible grip our minds and egos keep on our true selves, a grip that is responsible for many of our illusions about life and the suffering those illusions instigate. Some of the most fascinating material is about giving ourselves permission - yes, permission - and accepting things the way they are, rather than denying or giving into the illusions that our mind desperately wants to hold onto. I got so much out of this book that I was glad I gave it a chance, and recommend it to anyone who is tired of the “same ole, same ole” when it comes to self-help books."
—Marie D. Jones, Author, Looking for God in all the Wrong Places

"If I were to describe Black Ice & Banana Peels in one sentence, it would be this: It thoroughly explores the kaleidoscope of tricks that the mind plays on us. These are the real mind games, and this book helps us recognize them. Black Ice & Banana Peels is not only intellectually stimulating, but it also provides practical ways to beat the mind at its own games. Dr. Bender has a knack for understanding and explaining mental processes and states of mind. If you have an interest in the workings of the mind and how it affects behavior, then you will benefit from reading this book."
—Michael Lamas, Eastern Spirit Magazine

"I congratulate you on a most valuable and useful contribution. It’s grounded and gets right down to some of the essential issues facing us all as we journey through life. I like the fact that you did it without getting into anything flaky (as people often do these days.) It is material that everyone should be aware of, and put into practice. A great primer on how our minds work – and how they get stuck."
—Peter Russell, Author, From Science to God and The White Hole in Time

"A must-read work for healing, self-help awareness and life purpose expansion. A superb writing style granting intuitive insight into the knowledge presented."

"It is a fast moving, eminently readable book that has application with students in the helping professions, folks on the self-help bent and the intellectually curious who would like some guidance in the process of day to day living. There is never a sense of preaching, proselytizing or replacing society’s dogma with the author’s dogma. Abundantly clear, in this work, is the frequent description of situations when the reader says, “Hey, that’s me he’s talking about!”
—J.M. Henry, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Thank you! Your book is fantastic! The information is incredible. It reaches several layers at once . . . very potent delivery and written in such a way as to reach/touch a very broad band of people. The presentation is delicious! It feels like a new pair of glasses."
—Susie Jouett, LMP, Massage Therapist

"Loved the book. It’s meaty, dense, almost a stream of consciousness dialogue with the reader. I had to take my time with it, as it had a lot of information I wanted to digest. Black Ice & Banana Peels is yoga for the mind – and it improves your balance."
—Suzanne Pletcher, Public Relations Consultant

"I found your pragmatic, neutral language and lack of story quite shocking and very effective. We’ve never met - how did you know all the sordid, tacky, small-minded Grinch-souled details of how I do life? I will strongly encourage my students to read this book. I found the book impactful in very practical ways and it has had a marked effect on day to day interactions with my nearest and dearest. The book is an absolute gem. "
—Wendy J. Evans, MPH, Ph.D., Sociologist

"You have done an incredible job explaining complex and often subtle patterns of human behavior in a very readable way. The amount of material you have here is amazing and its importance cannot be underestimated. You have really helped me understand what is going on and eased my feelings of inadequacy in the process."
—Ellen Holden, Registered Nurse

"Your book contains powerful insights into the mind of a certified control freak like myself. "
—Pat Boyd, Molecular Biologist

"Black Ice and Banana Peels sounds like an adult beverage, not a life changing, thought provoking tool for happiness. Five hours on an airplane felt like five minutes. Thanks."
—Ron Wilson, Small Business Owner

"Dr. Bender’s book, Black Ice & Banana Peels is more than a catchy title. It is a substantial work that transforms complex psychological theory into logical, common sense applications."
—Dennis Alters, M.D., Psychiatrist

"A brilliant book! Very well written, so clear and so practical. I don’t believe there are any other books out there that address how the mind controls our life as well as yours does. Having your book available for those times when I forget these truths will be a wonderful asset. It is such a foundational piece to understand one’s mind. Mind is the jailer and also holds the keys to our freedom."
—Shondeya Betari, Business Consultant

"Drawing aside the curtain to reveal the manipulations of the wizard behind it, Black Ice & Banana Peels is an insightful, compassionate, deftly written explanation of the nature of the mind."
—Michael Meyer, Feldenkrais Practitioner